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Atlas is a Thermo-E-Glas-Filament-Fabric wit a specially formulated grey fire-retardant PU-coating on both sides with aluminium pigments to  increase the antislip properties and resistance to fraying. The maximum application temperature is 550°C, shortly up to 600°C. Glasvezeldoek (filament)

● Fibreglass cloth (filament)
● 2-sided PU-coating
● Temperature resistance 600 °C
● Peak temperature approx. 550°C
● Light welding and grinding work
● Material weight 720 gram/m² 
Name Measurements Order number
Atlas welding blanket 100 x 100 cm 56.50.11
Atlas welding blanket 200 x 100 cm 56.50.12
Atlas welding blanket 200 x 200 cm 56.50.15
Atlas welding blanket 200 x 300 cm 56.50.16
Atlas welding blanket 300 x 300 cm 56.50.17
Atlas welding blanket 400 x 300 cm 56.50.18
Atlas welding blanket 400 x 400 cm 56.50.19
Width 100cm part of a rol, not lock stitched
Width 100cm full roll 25m¹
Width 150 m part of a rol, not lock stitched
Width 150cm full roll 50m¹
Made to size lock stitched at the cutting borders 56.50.10

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Welding blanket - CEPRO Atlas 550°C-600°C 720 gram/m² - 2-sided PU coating

  • Brand: CEPRO
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