PVC curtains - help with form type 5

Step by step when ordering PVC strip curtains or when just pricing PVC strip curtains 

Enter the width and height of the curtain. 

Enter the dimensions in millimeters, without spaces, without specifying the units. For example, enter 2m width in the form "2000" and not "2,000mm". 

Keep in mind that the PVC profile is 5cm thick, so it will take you from a height. E.g. if you enter a height of 2 meters, 1950mm long strips will hang from the attachment. If you are not sure about the exact height of the curtain, leave a 10-15 cm reserve. You can easily adjust the height during fitting, because you can easily cut the length of the strips using a simple knife. 

When mounting PVC curtain with PVC profile, only mounting above the opening (on the wall) "face fixing" is possible. It is not suitable for mounting on a ceiling or under linteln.

Select the type of hardware (method of mounting) you want.  

- If you select "upper fixing or top mount" type, the curtain will only be fixed above the hole. If you use the curtain, for example, on a fridge, the belts can extend over the lower edge of the refrigerator by 15-20 cm. If you mount the curtain over the opening, for example for passage of persons, make sure that the belts do not touch the floor for safety reasons. The bottom edge of the belts should end about 0.5-1 cm above the ground.

- if you select "up and down fixing" (typical for fridges or meat counters in food stores), enter the height of the curtain with a 35cm height reserve. This means that if you want to mount the curtain on a 2m high counter, enter the height of the curtain 2350mm. This creates an extra lenght (like a second photo of the product you see), allowing you to more conveniently handle the goods through the curtain.

Not usual for this type of curtains, but if you want you can choose the colour of marker strips.