PVC curtains - help with form type 3

Step by step when ordering PVC strip curtains or when just pricing PVC strip curtains 

Enter the dimensions in millimeters, without spaces, without specifying the units. For example, enter 2m width in the form "2000" and not "2,000mm". 

Lenght of strips: Total height of the curtain = lenght of strips + hook on plates + hook on tracks + gap between the end of strips and floor 

Keep in mind that the standard strips should end 0,5-1cm over the floor for security reasons! 

Keep in mind that the welding strips should end 20-40cm over the floor according to EU regulations! It means that if you are going to fix the PVC strips in 2m height, the height of a curtain should be set between 1600mm-1800mm. 

Strips quantity - if you want to order strips with our hook-on-track hanging system, keep in mind that the strips are going to be allocated with different overlaps.

F.e. 300mm wide strips with cca 5,4cm overlap (one hook overlapping).
So you need approx. 4 strips per 1m. 

You can contact us to calculate the possible real widths that the hook on track system allows or you can figure out the real width  yourself by using a simple formula. 
Click here for further informations. 

Plate set option - Choose if you want to order strips with or without plate sets. If you are going to use our hanging system, the strips are fixed between plate sets which swing freely on the hooks of the rail, this avoids any damage and ensures long life. Plate sets are available in galvanized and stainless steel. Plate sets add 2cm-s to the lenght of the strips. 

Hook on track types - hook on tracks are available in galvanized and stainless steel too. The galvanized hanging system is cheaper and suitable for industrial applications, the stainless steel is more aesthetic and more durable in wet or acidic environment. 

Hook on track lenght - can be little different from the width you entered +-2cm. It is caused by the geometric allocation of the hooks on hook on track system. Click here for further informations.