About Us

Welcome to our site!

We are a team with 15 years of experience with PVC curtains and welding curtains. Currently, we are present in eight countries: in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Our goal is to make the various types of PVC curtains and welding curtains accessible to the client the easiest and fastest way as possible. That's why we decided to open an e-shop dedicated to this products, where you can easily choose between PVC strips, PVC curtains and accessories as well as welding curtains, booths and blankets. The prices of the entire assortment are right at your fingertips and the order for clicks. As the first in Europe, we tried to create a page in an educational way so that the client could learn about the essential characteristics of the products in a simple way, and with the help of the manual, he made the right choice of products in a few steps without any help. It can not be faster either. But if you still need an advice, in case of confusion you can still contact our customer service, which is available for you either on the phone or online.

We offer you the best quality at the lowest prices. We can do so thanks to our long experience and business contacts. In our offer you will find exclusively products from EU production. PVC strips from Germany, hardware from Slovakia and custom made curtains from Hungary. We hope it will serve you best and furthest, and you will also appreciate that we do not use semi-finished products from outside Europe.